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Anxiety And Your Career


How to Stop Nerves from Wrecking Your Job Search – This article on US News Money: Careers, from Alison Green of Ask A Manager highlights some great tips for countering negative and anxious thoughts during your job search.


How Awkward People Can Start Non-Awkward Conversations By Drake Baer at Fast Company. This is a brief and great piece with some conversational gems. Practice them in front of the mirror. Try them out on your cat. (Because really, you will never get any worse response than a cat. They completely ignoring you in favor of licking their bum!)


For more great blogs and websites, with lots of focus on your job and networking, check out the Page of Awesome.


In 2014, I will be hosting a new workshop: How Am I Supposed to Network When I Can’t Even Make Small Talk? Check out the workshops page for an updated calendar.



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